Saturday, January 30, 2010

Waiting, Waiting.... 30 Jan

30 Jan

From Chris.... well, haven't heard from Lori in San Vicente for 5 days... they DID have phone service (meaning DSL computer) but it may be out because they ARE trying to re-connect the roads... so says the news here in San Diego... I am NOT worried that she is in danger or starving... lots of beans and rice stored in the village... just wondering if she will have a "50 days in San Vicente" like I had a 50 Days in Zambia last year...

will update..
your bro

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lori, San Vicente and the floods Jan2010

25 Jan

Hey, all!

Well, we had torrential rains here in Southern Cal last week, and a number of things ended up floating away here... Lori went south to San Vicente middle of last week (when the storms were starting up) and after arriving, the torrential water-rush out of the mountains took out the San Vicente bridge.

It seems that the main and only road up-and down Baja from Ensenada all the way to Los Cabos (southern tip of Baja) got tore up real good, with numerous brideges and whole sections of the road missing.

SO, as of this writing, Lori is stuck in San Vicente. She has called a couple of times to say she is safe, dry, has electricity and drinking water (rationed). It sounds like about 200 people in the work camps around San Vicente lost their places to stay, and are being housed in the local schoolhouse and the church. Lori and the missionary couple down there (Dave and Lynn) are ministering to those people in whatever way they can. Lori says alot of hats went out... some gathered by Lori's hat ministry... to the people who had to evac their homes as the floods came in off the mountain.

As of this writing, the Mex Govt has declared a state of emergency, and there has been an effort to create a temporary road THRU the riverbed so people can pass... of course, rain is predicted for tomorrow here and down Baja...

Lori said that, since they did have power and not much else to do, she held sewing class today (Monday) and had like 12 students in the morning and 10 in the afternoon...

SO, pray for Lori and the missionary couple (Dave and Lynn) and the village of San Vicente, Baja Mexico in this time.

Of course, Lori's San Vicente trip may turn into HER "50 days in Baja" like my past "50 Days in Zambia" in 2009.

your bro, Chris

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

19 Jan 2010 Down the muddy path... from Chris

19 Jan

Well, howdy, all those who read BajmissionBlog!

Thought y'all should just know the following, so you can pray effectively...

<>Here is a picture of Lori
<>Lori really has to work hard to slough thru muddy streets...
<>It is raining quite aggressively here on the Pacific Coast
<>When there is alot of rain, the street of San Vicente become nothing but ankle-deep muddy trails
<>Lori really has to work hard to slough thru muddy streets...

any questions? Plz pray!


Monday, January 11, 2010

THE grind... THE grind... THE grind working in missions

11 Jan 2010

THE grind in missions IS... hours and hours and hours of set-up over days and days and days to prepare for a couple of days of work. Lori has been pounding out long days over the last week to get ready for a two-week trip of sewing classes and ministry with the young women of San Vicente...

So many times, when talking to people about what we do, many think we get to 'be out ministering with people' 5 days a week...

we wish. It's the grind of set-up and arrangements and logistics that remain a big part of missionary life... so say all of our missionary friends and colleagues as well...

pray for 'grace in the gravity' of the hard work of set up, packing, set-up and tear-down, clean up, acquisition of needed materials...