Thursday, March 24, 2011

24Mar11 Psalm

Rough Seasons, God’s Goodness (24Mar11 Psalm)

Two things have I found about serving the Lord
Three things have proven true about walking with You, O God

Life consists of seasons
Each with it’s own wonders
Each with it’s own painful challenges

My heart will be tested severely
To see what is really there
Gold and silver endure fire

The only safe place is in the middle of the
Hand of the Lord Almighty
Grab on, Strength and Refuge are there


O, praise the Lord!
Praise Him, my weary soul!
Praise Him in this and all seasons
Of many difficulties

Trials and tribulations come, but look up!
The Creator God will see us safely walk through these walls
The sunrise of His Kingdom on the other side
Shining in our eyes

All who walk with You will be satisfied in Your Presence