Monday, April 29, 2013

Sewing Organizers

This past week's sewing  classes focused on sewing items for the bedroom including pillowcases and wall organizers. Most homes are not equipped with closets or other storage places and as such it's difficult to find places to stash one's treasures. Each session (one in the morning & another in the afternoon) had 6-8 students revving the sewing machines' motors creating accents for their bedroom area. I'm always trying to develop projects that are practical for their everyday home life. Feel free to share ideas that you might have.

New Student Excitement

Virginia was invited to join my sewing class this week by her neighbor Azusena. It was so cute to hear how excited she was when she sewed her very first seam on the scrunchie she made. Virginia was bubbling over on how straight her seam was. She expressed that many times she has tried to sew but, that always her seams were very crooked and as such she became discouraged. A few tips from me as well as an indispensable piece of blue tape did the trick and had her clipping along in no time. She was so happy to show off her bedroom organizer and coordinating pillowcases at week's end.

On the Edge of Town

The little house we rent in San Vicente is on the edge of town and overlooks the mostly dried up riverbed. It's wonderful to wake up in the morning to see and hear a large variety of wildlife. Can you see the partridge perched upon the old tree trunk? The valley leading to the riverbed is inundated with low brush in which the small birds love to hide from the circling hawk. There's lots of rabbits and the screech owl usually flies overhead just after dark.