Thursday, September 20, 2012

Healthcare Ministry in pictures

Visit the sick? Yep, we do that!
thanks for sticking with us...
Chris and Lori

Embracing a People... in pictures

... we would have never got this far without our Partners and Supporters!
Chris and Lori

Teaching and Pastoral Support in Pictures

thanks to all who keep us out 'doin' the stuff'
Chris and Lori

Chldren's Ministry in pictures

Thanks to all who help us to stay out and "do the stuff"
Chris and Lori

Hats in pictures

Thanks to all who help us 'doin' the stuff"!
Chris and Lori

Gracias in pictures

Thanks to all who keep us 'doin' the stuff'
Chris and Lori

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Voices to Heaven

A pic from a few weeks ago...

... a shout-out to my friend Pastor Mark in the US for the permanent loaner of a fantastic guitar to lead worship with... almost plays itself...

Always be ready for Plan B

Hey, Chris here
SO, last time in the Village, I had gone redy to hold the first meeting of a Latino Diabetes Support effort I've been constructing called '¡Si Podemos!' (Yes, we can!). I had been asked by a church leader to launch the effort, since they have many diabetics in their congregation.

What I didn't plan on was some 'sabotage' by a different church leader who doesn't want to face his diabetes at all... guess that's why he stumbles around alot...

So, two people came to the public session. Neither have diabetes. One woman justs wants to know more so she can be a 'health promoter' in her community.

So, didn't even roll out the  ¡Si Podemos! stuff, and spent 2 hours talking about diabetes prevention and care.

Pretty sure we will have to launch ¡Si Podemos! in a public venue...

One step forward, one step back... bro Chris

16 de Septiembre...

To all my American friends... tonight, at Midnight of 16 de Septiembre is THE largest, most important Mexican holiday of every year... 'Fiesta de las Patrias' (Feast of our Forefathers), celebrating Mexican Revolution and nation-forming. At midnight in Mexico City, el Presidente will stand on the balcony of the Zocolo and give the constitutionally-mandated cry, called 'El Grito'... "Viva Mexico!!"... and the whole country will erupt in celebration and reply...
[this history lesson is to say that 5 de Mayo is NOT the biggest Mexican holiday...]

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Of Mice and Men... 8Sept

Just back from San Vicente. Looks like 4 hrs from dirt-road to driveway on a good day now...
Well, we finally said good-bye to our mouse... they have these 'sticky traps', trays with gooey-stickey stuff that traps the rodents... well, it worked, only 1 hr after we shut off the lights...
Each trip to the Village is like a CrackerJack box... always a surprise! Needless to say, the surprise this time was how some people go from "really, really wanting something... please come and help!" to "no way, don't want anything... don't need anything..." in a few weeks time. Sad, there was help there where people genuinely can't get that kind of help in their context/region....
Lesson learned: set things up so people have to make a couple steps towards what they're asking for before set-up and pre-work is invested...


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Little Visitor... 4Sept

Hey from San Vicente,
WELL, last time we were down, we spent a great deal of time trying to 'help move out' a visitor to our house...

We closed up anything and everything he (?) may have been looking for, then headed north.
Arrival today, holy smokes, little black balls everywhere, and in great volume!
We spent over an hour cleaning, bleach-watering the surfaces and mopping...
Yep, brought some unpleasant stuff for our friend, AND a couple of traditional Mexican traps with 'crema de cachuate'... peanut butter...

Hope he moves on soon!