Monday, July 22, 2013

Electricity Support

Machine motors were whirling during my two weeks in Mexico during July. My calendar was filled with ladies coming and going all day to both cut out and sew new projects. Two of the ladies do not have electricity in their homes. So, when I'm in town they make the most of their time and my electricity to move forward on creating products to sell. It gets a little cozy in our house with two tables set up for cutting as well as 2-3 machines for sewing.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Table of Honor

One never knows what you'll be asked to do. The plan was to sit in the crowd that had gathered to celebrate the graduation of three courses, tailoring, cake decorating, and hair styling. Five of my sewing students had completed their classes and I wanted to cheer their accomplishment. Upon arrival, the government official requested that I sit at the "Table of Honor" to accompany the instructor of the tailoring class being I have invested years of teaching the ladies to sew before they entered into the tailoring course. I thought, guess I can do that. Little did I know that the official, Ramon, would also ask each of the teachers to share in front of the group about their experience and about their students. I'm pretty comfortable speaking Spanish one-on-one or in a small group (if I have time to prep), but, just cold, not so much. Stretched again! It was wonderful to be able to hand out certificates to all the students and congratulate them on their perseverance. Glad I wore a skirt and collared top.

Graduation of Tailoring Class

How exciting to see 5 students from my sewing classes graduating from a first level tailoring class held in San Vicente. Several months ago, I became privy to a government program that taught the basic skills to sew simple clothes without the use of patterns. It has been my desire for the ladies involved in the micro enterprises to learn this but, wasn't in my knowledge base. After talking with the DIF (a program for families) official, I was able to secure spaces for the ladies in the 15 classes. Well, in June the completed their classes and received their certificates with lots of excitement. I'm so proud that they made the commitment and followed through.