Friday, September 13, 2019

Modeling Gratitude and Thankfulness

Sept 13 2019
ONE important thing we do in our ministry is give the people who benefit (including the kids they bring) with the Community Outreach classes, as well as the Mexican Star Seamstresses, is that there are people who help FUND their projects, and that it's important to say THANK YOU.
We give opportunity for these folks to write some form of THANKS.
 Here are scans of the last Community Sewing Class.

We also have women write specific people with TY notes, especially when things happen like 'funding for a sewing machine' or 'new start-up learning sessions and product' costs. We translate those individual cards and send them to the peeps.

Just to say, modeling the Godly character-quality of GRATITUDE and THANKFULNESS is important to us.


Baj Mission August Newz

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