Friday, August 7, 2015

July 2015 community wide sewing week

Word spread quickly about the opportunity to make  school backpacks, book bags and pencil cases. A few strategically  placed posters around San Vicente along with personal invites lured 41 different students to participate in the week long sewing course. With upward of 18 learners in a single class, patience was a must for us all even with 10 sewing machines and 6 cutting tables. Morning classes almost seemed like a vacation with an average of 8 students while afternoons were brimming with an average of 15 students daily. I was blessed to have some help teaching the basics to the 17 NEW people. Yes, 17! Many of them had never worked with a sewing machine. There were lots of pre teens and teenagers, including 5 boys, anxious to make bags for their upcoming school year. Many of the seasoned students are willing to step up and assist their neighbor when the room begins to echo "Lorena, Lorena, Lorena". It may be time to rethink how to have smaller classes where more individual attention can be given to each student. Pray for the Lord's wisdom on how to proceed.