Sunday, February 10, 2019

Yikes, It's Cold! Hats On Those Heads!

San Vicente 2019... yikes, it's cold! Frost on the windows in the morning!

('What? Cold in Mexico?', you say... )
Yeah! High mesa desert... it's really cold!
That's why we connect with dozens of people to give out hats in Mexico... hundreds and hundreds of hats for hundreds and hundreds of heads... especially the kiddos.

The Kintergarter in San Vicente... "oh, yes! Please come! We love your annual visit (Lori's been doing an annual hat give-away at the Kinter for over a decade...)

Over a hundred kids plus the staff, over 170 hats, controlled chaos, a roaring 'Gracias!', grateful parents... saw so many kids days after the outreach in the community with their hats...

The Kinter was just on of many venues to get warm hats on the heads of kids and people in San Vicente... Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hats distributed these past weeks, including with the work of our local partners...

We celebrate... we are grateful to those hat-makers... we get so excited by working with our San Vicente 'team', representing leaders from five local churches... yeah!
Your brother, Chris