Saturday, February 23, 2013

sewing pj pants by Lori

Straw Necklaces

There are lots of challenges that come along with teaching the on-going sewing classes that are open to the community of San Vicente. One of the largest is how to keep all the kids occupied who tag along with their moms or aunts. The box of Spanish children's books, coloring books and crayons keep them somewhat busy. But, each time it's important to be armed with a few extra treasures. This week I cut up colored plastic straws that the little girls to string to make necklaces. They're on their way to learning the first skills of sewing. Won't be long and they will join in on the classes.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter in San Vicente Feb 16

<>SO... our little San Vicente casa is getting thru the winter, but the owners cut the big (big!) mesquite tree in the front. PLUS, we now have multiple new neighbors... 6 new houses went up on the hillside... mostly block houses, but a few 'garage door' shacks...

<>Lori is getting ready to do a full week of sewing classes... check out the cool 'announcement' banner she can now put up to invite the community.
<>Only down side with all the construction in our neighborhood is that we are seeing alot of scorpions... daily... probably had their nests all disturbed...