Sunday, April 29, 2012

The global market in Mexico

Hey SO we go to the local street market in San Vicente to buy some garlic to cook up with our 'nopalitos' (prickly-pear cactus leaves) given to us by one of Lori's sewing women... We buy the garlic, and when we get back to our casita... realize the garlic was a product grown/picked in China, shipped to Chino, CA, packaged then shipped into Mexico and sold in Pesos... the label was in English! The real yuck-yuck is that they grow really good garlic about 10 Km from where we are, here in San Vicente... too wierd... Crisbaj

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Praise Rises From The Dirt

(no photo, sorry) We attend a ‘Grupo de Hogar’ (home gp) about ½ mile from our little house. Down here in the Village, a ‘Home Group’ has quite the different angle. This Gpo de Hogar is hosted by Deamecio and Albina in their house. The 9 saints meet in a room inside a cinder-block building, with dirt floors and a ‘poured concrete’ roof. The one light in the room, way up on the bookshelf is supplied by an extension cord from the front lightbox at the street, barely enough to be able to read a Bible. Kids and dogs and chickens are making noise outside the open door, and the neighbors are playing their NorteƱo music extra-loud (? attempt to irritate the meeting?). We sit on 2x6 planks placed on concrete block for benches. We sing some songs ‘acapella’, led by sister Anna. Deamecio then opened the Word to Acts 1, and shares how the Lord spoke to him this week about the disciples praying before they do anything, so they would be in step with God… and we should do the same in all things. We gather in a circle and lift petitions to the Lord for two sisters with bad respiratory conditions, the pastors in the Village, a youth really stuck in the music of Madonna (yeah, she’s big in Mexico) but recently come to Christ, and… a dozen other life-issues. Voices are heard as Praise rises from the Dirt floor of this gathering. The Presence of the Lord is palpable in our gathering, just like He promised. Before we leave, everyone greets everybody else with a ‘holy kiss’ (right cheek to right cheek, a Mexican traditional greeting). Back to our houses before the coming rain begins.

Friday, April 13, 2012

visiting goat

We had a new visitor to our home in San Vincente this past week. Ah yes, a goat. He traveled to enjoy the green grass and alfalfa surrounding our abode. His owner was inside cutting fabric to sew into purses and brought along the goat to feast. She is hoping to fatten him up so that they can sell him for about $50. He'll then be roasted in celebration of someone's wedding or birthday. Yummy! Maybe we'll be invited. And now there is less weeding to do. Yeah!

having guests

One of the best reasons for having a place in San Vincente is that we can invite friends to join us for a meal. Our first guests enjoyed our home-made turkey and rice soup alongside fresh tortillas and cheese. In Mexico, when serving soup it is essential to also have available diced onions, chopped cilantro, and sliced limes that each person adds to their bowl of soup. We received a thumbs up even from the kids. :) After the meal, it was wonderful to fellowship and work on a puzzle together.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Every Trip Like Going Into Orbit... 9Apr

We're getting ready for the next trip down.
Every trip to San Vicente is a bit like a NASA/Space Shuttle trip. Complex planning. Details, details, details. Have to bring alot of what we need with us. Weather and travel planning (which means launch windows get closed by rain).
Unfortunately, we do not have a great room full of nerds to help us make it happen. It's just us, and a few consistent praying people.
Gotta get back and fuel up the rocket pack.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ode to Pepto-Bismol

Ode to Pepto-Bismol

Oh, Pepto, Pepto, my friend Pepto-Bismol
How I am grateful for your wonderful workings
You are truly a good friend to missionaries
You are there to help when things get… well…

Despite obsessive hand-washing
Regardless of great care in what we eat and drink
That frail GI-system is always a target
South and south of the border

Such it is working with the poor

But you, Oh Pepto, are a constant friend
Your chalky-peppermint taste
That far-out florescent 60’s pink drink
Who could not love you?

Bismuth sub-salicylate
Always the large bottle
Thank you for your help
What would I do without you?

(take as directed on the label)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Small steps, great support

2 Apr
Chris here. (sorry, no pics for this one, would not have been appropriate)

One thing we've learned being in missions in Mexico is that everything... EVERYTHING... takes like 5x longer than you initially think it will. Ya gotta take a deep breath and trust the Lord to move it at the right pace.

SO... I have been working on the 'seedling' spurts of a health initiative in San Vicente. I had some things moving along in the Fall, then a bunch of road-blocks came up and that got slowed down. Then, winter makes everything go on 'hold' here except the real basics.

Today, I had two meetings with key health people here in the Village. Besides gathering alot of information and building relationships, I pitched what I'm working on to them. They were both very enthused, supportive, encouraging AND want me to keep in touch so they can advise and we can work together.

A good day. your bro, Chris