Saturday, April 8, 2017

BEE-ing Missionaries... Always Something...

‘Bee-ing Missionaries’
…or, we are thinking of changing our ministry name to, ‘Always Something Mission’!

We arrived at our ‘ministry center’, looking forward to going in the front door un-inhibited, because we had our friend Julio carve out the heaved concrete that previously made it impossible to open the door. “Hey, we’ll be able to go in the front door”, we said… but wait! What’s this? Hundreds and hundreds of BEES buzzing around the door? Seems that a hive took up residence in the water crypt just steps from the front door! Ahhhhh!
“Always Something Mission!” we said. Plus, Lori has quite the Bee allergy, so she was hugging her Epi-Pen.
We prayed, and made some quick contacts in our circle in the Village, “Help! We be BEE’d!”
SO when you have a Bee problem, and cry out to the Lord, what does He do?? Sends an experienced Bee-keeper, of course! Mario and his wife Ali, (one of the Estrellas Ladies), came after dark (when you work with bees), and figured out the issue. Wow! Huge hive of Africanized bees had chosen a bad place to put up condos… once we got into the crypt, there were many ‘panels’ of hive and tens of thousands of bees! Try as we might to save and re-locate them, we had to drown them and clean them out (sadness here). Mario said that these bees in Baja are a poor fit, and would actually hurt the environment and a lot of people… (super-sadness here… million thanks to our Bee-good friends!).
SO, that’s another chapter of ‘Bee-ing Missionaries’… Time to buzz along…