Thursday, September 17, 2009

17 Sept Chris in Pasadena, CA back on the Big Island, Mission Conf

17 Sept

Hello, my good friends!

Writing to you from the Fuller Seminary guest house in Pasadena, CA... Lori is down the street doing her Conf Registrar thing, and I am still trying to get my head into Pacific Standard Timezone...


All my flights from Ndola, Zambia to LAX went my favorite way ... BORING (meaning, without drama). Ndola to Johannesberg, South Africa to Dakar, Senegal to JFK/New York to LAX... total 28 hours in the air... yes, I slept OK on the plane, all luggage arrived in one piece (and wrapped in cellophane) and Lori was all smiles with my LAX pick-up.

And yes, I was able to get a Cheeseburger in JFK before boarding to LAX... cheeseburgers are one of those exclusive things that are ONLY found properly in the good ol'e US of A...

OK, sometime in the next week, once I get to my home systems, I will be able to write some updates 'in the gap' between my Zambia departure and the point where my laptop gave up the ghost... yes, with pictures...

... and there was alot that did happen. I lectured at Copperbelt Nuring school in Ndola, I worked with a developing worship leader on a song in a studio, recording a pretty amazing song he wrote, and there were alot of positive developments in the development of a long-term HIV/AIDS initiative in Ndola.

Thanks for every person who shot up a prayer or petition during this rather successful '50 DAYS IN ZAMBIA 2009' mission work.

And, ultimately, thanks be to GOD...

your bro,


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Behing the Scenes of the Healthcare Conference

Sept. 13, 2009 from Lori in
Chula Vista, California.
Just a few more days till Chris returns from Zambia, Africa after being there for almost two months. Well, he won't be returning home but he will be back state-side. Before he gets to enjoy his own bed, we'll be making a 5-day stop in Pasadena, CA to assist at this year's West Coast Health care Missions and Ministry Conference. If you are in the area, join in on some great teachings on both domestic and international health care ministry.
The last several weeks that Chris has been working in Zambia, I've been working on the conference administrative team. That means conference calls, lots of emails, and prepping for the workshop I'll be giving. There has been days at the computer creating handouts, putting together a power point presentation, making copies, etc. Oh and let's not forget fighting with the machine. Seems that a recent upgrade that was made on the computer resulted in some fonts turning into garble. And then the wireless went down. Praise God, we have a friend who came to the rescue. Computers are GREAT when they work, but when they don't, they sure can slow the process down. Chris and I actually work all year around in spurts on conference details. However, the two months preceding the event can keep us pretty occupied.
Chris had his box of materials for his two workshops all packed before he flew out in July for Zambia. There it sits already for me to put in the car before I head to the airport to pick him up. You'll find me at the computer the next few days, as I finish up posters for the 70+ workshops to be offered. A true friend assisted me this past week in collating and other conference prep. Glad to have her help, gave me some time to sleep this week.
Chris and I are counting down the days till we are together again especially as we have never been apart for so long before. Please pray we have a smooth reconnect and for the conference.
Thanks for all your prayers.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sept. 5th from Lori about San Vicente, MX

About Aug, 6th,2009. Delay due to security issues.
VBS with the Angels.

This is the last day of the week long Vacation Bible School in the migrant camp. The Angels have improved their ministry skills with the kids this week. Each day the girls choose different responsibilities; starting with prayer, leading songs, telling the Bible story, and teaching a memory verse.
When I inquired from the girls what they would like to learn in upcoming classes they expressed a desire to learn
  1. How to evangelize more effectively
  2. How to plan and organize lessons
  3. How to draw
  4. How to help the children to walk with the Lord.

You can tell that these girls are really interested in ministering more effectively. So, I have planning to do for the next set of classes with the Angels during the Fall.

This little one decided to fall asleep in my arms during VBS. Funny thing was, I had to ask around to find out where she lived so that I could deliver the sleeping girl to her Mother and Father after class. Guess, the parents trusted us.

Here is a pic of some of the Angles. It's difficult to get a photo of all of them at one time as they all have responsibilities as home and can't go out each day of outreach.

Please keep them in your prayers.



Saturday, Sept. 5th pm

Lori here. I received an email from Chris asking me to post this for him.

My computer is dead! And I'm having a real hard time using internet cafes for blogs. Many of the cafes here use keyboards with cryllic and arabic, and I could not even log on to Blogspot. SO... I need you to post a blog on my behalf that my laptop died and I won't be able to blog until I return to the USA Sept 16-17. Also, since putting pics up was part of my laptop, no more pics until after I return.


5 sept chris in ndola singin computer blues

singin d computer blues

hard drive crashed and locked, using loaner right now

probably won't blog until sept 15 when back in usa... hard in cafes with cryllic keyboards

all is well i am healthy, loyts of hiv program stuff to wrap up b4 i fly back

plz pray for return trip and luggage

blessings your bro chris

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

01Sept from Chris in Ndola, Zambia 2 weeks left

01 Sept Hello, all!

Wanted to get a Blog out before life gets wierd...

Picture to LEFT is the serving of Nshema, the (and I mean THE) Zambian staple diet. How do you eat Nshema?? First, you wash your hands, because there are no utensils! The big white 'glob' of pasty material is the Nshema, made from corn mealimeal that has been boiled with water and salt until it becomes thicker than elmers glue. The 'relish' is served on the side... this relish is kapenta (small sardines) boiled with tomatoes, and a green that is like spinach (called reapee)... then you sit down, pull up a bit of Nshema with your fingers (and it is hot!!!), roll it around, then form it into a coin-shape, so you can scoop up your relishes, then bend over the plate and eat!!! Yes, there is water and a basin provided after for hand-washing-up..

Picture to the RIGHT is the morning devotions and worship at the Seeds of Hope office with the staff. Devotions are optional, but 95% of the staff are active church-members. There is singing (in Bemba, of course), then a reading in the Scriptures, then opened up for "contributions" (what people feel God is saying to us in the Word), prayer for the SHIP workday, then greetings... and everyone greets everyone with energetic handshakes and hugs... oh, devotions start at 0745 hours, and don't be late!!

Picture to the LEFT: I'm with some new friends from the Pentecostal Holiness church of Copperbelt... was invited to come for Sunday, did share a bit and prayed for the congregation, then Nshema and Kapenta at the elder's house.
01Sept... just returned from downtown Ndola, trying to track down a great HIV AIDS resource from the Ministry of Education, but having a bit of difficulty. The entire Hygiene-Sanitation team and I met yesterday for 6 hours and reviewed our survey findings, reviewed and studied the available HIV AIDS Ed and Prevention materials we've been able to round up, looked at designing a beginning curriculum for Seeds of Hope, and talked target areas in Ndola to begin and HIV/AIDS initiative... whew!
This week is filled with a number of appointments and communications with health leaders in Ndola and Zambia. Some have email (which makes it easy) while some don't even have a good telephone, and I have to go to their office(which makes it hard).
Also, a major donor/funding group for Seeds of Hope arrives en-masse (12 people) at the end of the week, and life around here is going to be very... well, insane? I will be finishing up the HIV work done here, but I may be presenting to this funding group for Grant proposal purposes... which means some midnight oil writing a grant-proposal outline!
Prayer points:
<>Guidance and strength to 'wrap up' the HIV AIDS Ed and Prevention work launched here... I would really like to have a couple solid 'modules' in place for the team to begin using in the field each week in their training.
<>Favor with all the health leaders I will be in communication with this week. One in particular is a 'major player' in Zambia, so GRACE for that interaction...
<>Renewed strength for myself. I've passed the one-month mark, and have a ticket to fly out 2 weeks from today. It's been a long trip, the goal-line is in sight, but...
<>Protection from the prevalent malaria and diarrhea that hits soooo many of the expatriate/non-Zambian visitors and workers. Yes, I am doing all the 'safe travel health' stuff...
NOTE: With the major donor/funders arriving, my access to the internet may become VERY limited and unpredictable. I will try to Blog when I can... it might be short and text-only... but there may be gaps until like Sept 12th or 13th...
Thanks for hanging with me in prayer and support of this trip. It looks like a solid HIV AIDS program will get launched from my being here... and I hope to continue to provide some support from a distance to this health-care team in Ndola...
your brother,