Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hats at the Hospital

It’s a cool rainy December night when I (Lori) join the Nazarene Church of San Vicente in their bi-monthly outreach to hospitals in Ensenada 1+ hours north. It’s almost 8pm when we arrive. Hospital officials are okay with the ministry but, insist that it needs to take place outside. We press against the wall trying our best to squeeze under the overhang trying to avoid the raindrops. When the rain lets up people emerge from the hospital waiting room to enjoy handmade burritos and hot chocolate that the church ladies have prepared. Tonight, I’ll be giving away hats as an extension of the on-going outreach to those waiting to visit patients. As one lady chooses a hat, she asks if I could pray for the side pain she is having. I gather five ladies from the team and we lift the request to our healing Savior. Sprinkles of rain and the Holy Spirit fall. Small groups form to minister and pray with individuals for the next several hours.