Monday, October 26, 2015

New "Star Seamstress" by Lori

It exciting to announce that another lady has joined the group of “Star Seamstresses”.  Anaid attended the community-wide sewing course that I held a few months back and caught onto the machine quickly. She grew up in a home where her mother used a treadle machine and looks forward to having a machine of her own soon. In the mean time, I’ll be teaching her out of the house the new skills to more her knowledge to the next level. She was so thrilled to get started last week.  The first items in her product line are these colorful zippered bags that are perfect for those little items.

Anaid, along with her husband and three elementary school –aged children, live in the agricultural community of San Vicente Ferrer. She and her family attend the church “Templo Elim” where she has leadership of the youth group.  With her first earnings she is planning on purchasing a refurbished sewing machine and some basic supplies. After that, her goal is to be able to put money toward purchasing a small piece of land on which they can build a home. Please pray that her new home-based-business gets off to a strong start.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

San Vicente from the 'Eye in the Sky'...

San Vicente...
Mision San Vicente Ferrer, the village we are primarily 'based' out of... four hours south of the US-Mexican border (thru Tijuana, thru Ensenada-Maneadero, up-and-down three mountain ranges, into the northern cusp of the San Quintin valley basin)... found Google Earth with some great shots, long-shot of Ensenada to San VIcente, then a close-up of the village... our rental house in right in the middle of the village... about 1500 people IN the village, another 1000 in the surrounding work-campos and ejidos (co-op farms)