Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fathers' Day Gift/ Tool Caddy

Fernando came by the sewing class each day after school to complete this Tool Caddy as a gift for his Dad for Fathers' Day 2013. He has attended several of my classes during the last year and is progressing nicely with his sewing skills. I enjoy having a few teenage boys learning to sew. Most of them do well as they have often learned to drive a car at a very young age. The skill of driving (pedal work) tends to give them a feel for running the sewing machines. Oh, by the way, the caddy pockets were created with discarded blue jeans. Thanks to all who donate their jeans for recycling.


The June sewing class week was an opportunity for the ladies to try their hands at sewing with knit fabrics to make T-shirts of all sizes and colors. Adriana and Reyna choose to sew tops for their husbands in celebration of Fathers' Day.

Others in the class sewed tops for themselves and/or for their children. Over 25 tops were created during the week long class.