Monday, May 24, 2010

Pastor Martha visits class with "Angels"

May 2010
Lori from San Vicente, MX
Pictured is Reyna with Noah's Ark that she created during the "working day" with the Angels.

Pastor Martha surprised me by visiting the class while I was working with the Angels. It made me a bit nervous as she looked on. Well, she didn't just look on, but actually got involved by helping to create some of the props we are working on for the a lesson on "Obedience" using the biblical story of Noah. Some of the girls developed questions while others made song posters. After viewing the class in action, Martha asked if the materials could be used during the 4-day July outreach that the church will be traveling to do. The Angels will be in charge of the 3-day Vacation Bible School portion on the outreach. Then Martha asked me to join the church for their ministry time to the other church 2-hours south of San Vicente so that I could continue to guide the Angels as they grow in their ability to minister to children. Wow! I love being invited by nationals to join in when they are ministering. What an honor.

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