Monday, June 21, 2010

The Summer Shuffle 21June

Hey, new pic for 2010... wadda ya think?

Chris here, Monday June 21, I'm in the USA, Lori is in Mexico/San Vicente, and our new grand-daughter is in Oakland CA (smiles, smiles)... we'll get to see her in a few weeks...

The truth of missions is you have to give up alot... more than any non-missionary could ever imagine... like being around for all the births and birthdays and holidays and celebrations with all those close family and friends...
that's one of those things short-term missions can't give as a 'mission experience'... a long track record of missed family-n-friend celebrations...

Hey, we have officially completed 19 YEARS of mission service... we left Michigan in June of 1991... here's to the nomad lifestyle!!


  1. What do I think? I think I like it! A lot! You two look great.

  2. Congratulations Chris and Lori!!! And welcome little one to Ruth and Marco!! : ) Please send vital statistics as soon as possible!! Love to all of you,
    Kristyn and Matt

    PS You do look awesome in that photo!