Saturday, July 24, 2010

still Learning Aug. 24, 2010

Arrived in san Vicente Thur. evening to begin final prep for next week's outreach. The current team will include 37 people from the Nazarene Church here in SV, 9 people from Good News Community Church in Colorado, Dave and Lynne (missionary couple here in SV. and myself. Anyways, I've been busy pulling materials for the Health Fair and vacation Bible School. When I met with the Pastor's wife yesterday, I discovered that she had decided on different stories from what we had talked about before. Thus, much of the pre-trip prep I had made was in naught and needed to be restructured. If there is something that I STILL struggle with, it's feeling like I've wasted my time. Of course, nothing is EVER wasted in the "Kingdom". Relationships are ALWAYS more important than time! Hopefully, someday it will become more natural for me to shrug off these type of irritations. In the meantime, I'm being remolded into HIS image.

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