Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giving Augustin a Chance. Oct, 2010

Augustin, age 42, pictured with me here was one of the patients who came through the clinic this week. He tried his hardest not to be a patient with his response of "I'm just here waiting with my wife". After some heavy duty coaxing, he finally allowed me to check his blood sugar and blood presser while he "waited". Oh My!!!!! It was a good thing that he did too, as his blood sugar was over 350. For you non-medical people out there. This is SUPER HIGH and very DANGEROUS! Here before me was a young man who looked healthy, but clearing was in trouble. He told me his dad was a diabetic too. He was ushered in to see the Doctor and armed with this new information, given chance to make some major changes that can extend his life. Pray that he'll seek the follow-up care that is necessary.

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