Friday, August 12, 2011


Chris in Chula Vista.
Just returned from our week in San Vicente, and a lot of good things. On our last trip down, Pastors Jose Luis and Marta asked me to jump into the music and worship areas of the church. One area would be to launch a church-wide effort of training a handful of guitarists to be a part of the worship music team.
It’s been 20 years, and never a group, but… I agreed.
Between trips, I found Spanish-based guitar teaching tools, and put together a solid lesson plan with a focus on practical guitar skills. Lot’s of graphic learning tools. I also cleaned up a Fender Squire to leave as a training guitar for those who may not have one right now.
I played at Wednesday service, and made the announcement of the first class. “This isn’t about just learning guitar, it’s to become a guitarist in Praise of our God”.We were hoping for 6 students, wanted to limit it to 8… and 14 people rushed up, asking to be in the class.
On class day, I wasn’t sure who would really show up… then all 14 were there! One church guitar, my loaner, and 3 other guitars… and 14 students!
Half of the folks… ages 12 to 52… had played some before, other half first-timers.
SO… by the end of the 90-minute lesson, they all learned 3 chords and were strumming “Hay Una Fuente En Mi” with reckless passion and excitement. It was a true Psalm-100-joyful-noise!!!
Each student was given a ‘first level packet’, and told how they could access the loaner guitar via the Pastors… they came Saturday, practiced and asked a lot.
I was also asked to give some teaching to the Youth about worship and praise… good stuff to put together with the practical lessons.
We’re off and running. I’m now praying for 3 or 4 playable, beginner-friendly guitars for the students who stick with it over the next few months (hint, hint…).
SO, just as Lori shows up in San Vicente and the sewing students are instantly at the door, looks like I’m moving that way with guitar…
I’ll let you know as this group progresses from Joyful Noise (current) to Playing Skillfully…
Your bro, Chris

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