Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh, rats! Got poop? Some San Vicente stories

Hey, all! Chris here, just a few funny bits from our last week down in the Village (San Vicente Ferrer).

First, I helping out the Sunday worship band at Iglesia Nazareno San Vicente, playing bass guitar, and could NOT look out at the congregation... why?? Well, there was this kid in the front row, wearing a Tshirt that said "GOT POOP?"... !! It was probably donated from the US and he/his mom does not know what that means (common language-unaware problem)... but I wanted to break out and laugh...

That was the easy one... here's the tough bit.

Shortly after we arrived, Lori went down to the one mission Base to work on her sewing stuff and get ready for her women to come the next day. What does she find in the cabinet?? A dead rat that had been there a few days and was turning... well, it was not pretty! [NO, we did NOT take a picture... too gross...!!]. SO, we spent a bit cleaning that up/disposing of the remains/sorting thru items affected... and Lori spent the rest of the week dealing with the after-math! Many sewing supplies had to be thrown out...

[BTW, don't worry, we used full Bio-hazard techniques to deal with the issue]

We use a happy picture to lighten things up a bit.

You should be glad that SMELLS can't be posted (yet) on Blogs, because Lori thought out loud that y'all should get a whiff, just to know what she had to deal with.

Thought you would all dig that.


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