Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Training future worship musicians 4Oct

4Oct Chris here, just back from San Vicente. See the pic... that's one of my star students, working hard to master the guitar.

This past 7-day trip, played over 20 hours of guitar.
Nope, wasn't just goofing off. That was a 20-hour investment in a group of future worship musicians, and leading congregational worship with the help of these newbies.

The Nazarene church of San Vicente has a congregation of about 150 people, and it's growing because people are coming to Jesus through the dedicated evangelism of the church-folk. The pastor asked me to help him with his new problem: needs a number of up-and-coming worship musicians to lead on Sundays, during the week, at the various conferences held, and the home meetings. He's asked me to teach them guitar and disciple them in leading people into the Presence of God. He's also asked me to 'infiltrate' the worship band and help them out.


I've been holding 'classes and consultations' out at the picnic tables outside. This past week, 12 hours of 'open class' for the students. One guy came right form the fields, and was so dusty, I didn't recognize him at first!!
Then the rehearsals for Sunday night. Teaching new ways to pull a worship band together, all be on the same page, and then 'lift-off' with the congregation in the Presence of the Lord.

Sunday night, it was the first time I'd led worship in Latin America in over 5 years. I was so excited during tune-up, I could hardly contain the joy.
We started Sunday out with my 8 students and I leading a wonderful old Mexican worship song "Hay Una Fuente En Mi" (There's a Fountain In Me) together... wonderful! These students have only been playing guitar now for 3 months, and they got to be a part of leading. (After service, they were estatic; one student was crying for joy when she described it all to me...)

THEN we had the emmense joy of blasting off for a 45-minute worship set with a fantastic-sounding guitar (thank you, annonymous friend!), a totally singing-loudly-at-the-top-of-the-lungs congregation, and God showing up in power and presence.

Awesome can't even describe it.

I'm in awe at how God is teaching and energizing these students. Glad my guitar callouses are nice and tough in this season... fingers sore but very happy...

For the High Praise of God in ALL the earth!

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