Sunday, December 1, 2013


It’s wonderful to continue to receive invitations to share health classes in the kindergarten in San Vicente. So, one of the teachings from the “Carnival of Health”, the “Nutrition Train” was packed up and taken to six kindergarten classes during November. What a commotion as all the students moved around the classroom during the skit while learning about food groups. Even the shiest ones are drawn into the non-stop activity. I especially like when the teachers reinforce what they are currently teaching the kids. One teacher used the lesson to focus on the beginning letter of each food group while others used the opportunity to strengthen the kids’ knowledge of colors. At the end of the day, it was rewarding to have the principle asking us to bring more educational “FUN” into the school. She suggested several topics that she would like developed and encouraged us to also create lessons that could be presented to the parents.
Pray the “Carnival of Health” educational program remains a way to not only instruct elementary aged kids in healthy behaviors, but to also grow a positive presence in the local. Please pray too, that we can respond to the principle’s request by carving out time to develop new materials that can bless the students and build stronger relationships with the teachers as well as parents.

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