Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Smells of a Village Ministry Center (3 of 3)

Sights, Sounds and Smells of a Village Ministry Center
Part 3: Smells

San Vicente, the sprawling village of 3000... we’ve been working here for over a decade... quite interesting being here, your senses... uniquely filled...
Smells: to be fair, there is nothing as wonderful as Carne Asada meat over mesquite coals... definitely the yuck of pit toilets and doggie-stuff everywhere (3/4 of the homes only have a pit latrine)... smoke from the trash/garbage fires (municipal trash pickup isn’t dependable), everyone has a ‘burning can’, which smolders for hours (we regularly have to close all the windows in the middle of the night, regardless of the heat)... a rural village, walking by pig wallows and sheep stalls... with all the people draining water into the street, stagnant, yucky water filled with old soap and who-knows-what... walking by the houses, the ‘madre de la casa’ cooking dinner (usually something to smile about)... walking by the numerous food ‘puestos’ along the Highway, all cooking something (but we don’t eat there, famous for giving people severe ‘ED’, requires 3 days of Oral Rehydration and Pepto, possibly antibiotics... yeah, even the locals... how do these places stay open???)... oh, did you know that blowing dust has a smell?...

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