Wednesday, October 21, 2009

21 Oct Chula Vista CA... so much in-betweening

21 Oct
Chris here, in good 'ole Chula Vista CA.

Still processing all that happened in Zambia. Wonderful people (the Zambians), beautiful country (even though end of the dry winter), terrible economy (although the NGOs are a great employer for many Zambians), worrisome situation of church leadership (troublesome pocket-rattling all the time) but some real God-worshippers in the house (let the songs rise up!!)

So now I'm communicating with a couple dozen sources related to work in Zambia... some real and possible avenues to work in the country, including some 'new' offers... plus some actual 'consultation-planning' for HIV AIDS work there

I'm also working on some new avenues to reach out here in the border Baja Mexico region... including doing some surgical work for the poor... more on that when something substantial happens... Lori and I try hard to only report what's happening, not al lthe 'potentials'...

Lori is busy getting her next San Vicente trip lined up and prepped... dates being set... supplies heading down as this is being written...

For us, the in-between times can be way harder than actually being in a village or another continent...

Pray for us. There are also a few family members not doing so well right now, who need prayers.

blessings, your bro


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