Friday, October 2, 2009

02 October Chris in Reno, NV

Hello, all!

Huge apologies for not posting more since my return from Zambia, or our return from the HealthCare Conf at Fuller in Pasadena, CA...

Since the return (I know, a bit of whining...) we have been bombarded with having to have a vehicle towed and repaired, having to get my new computer system up and running, having to do alot of file/document rescue, having to take care of the HUGE pile-up of 'life-stuff' that needed to be looked at upon return, having to learn a new picture program so I can post pics to thei Blog (iPhoto is quite a different program than I've used in the past...) and THEN a week of both Lori and I fighting a viral respiratory thang...

So now we are up in the Reno area, visiting Hannah (daughter) and Luke (grandson) and Zack (son-in-law)...

SO... stay tuned for more from Blog-land... with pictures... on the final weeks in Zambia.

your bro,


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