Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09 on the US-Mex Border

26 Dec 09 in Chula Vista, CA

Hope y'all had a great Christmas... family and friends and out-of-tune church choirs and warm fellowship and catch-up with peeps we haven't seen all year... yes!
I vote we all skip the present-giving and just have fam+friends gatherings next year.

Just so you know... when you read 'delayed due to security concerns' in the Blog, it's becuz we are being very careful about NOT publishing when and where we will be in Baja Mexico.

The violence and narco-traffikking wars seem to be limited TO Tijuana and the surrounding burgs. YES, the situation in TJ continues to worsen. NO rise in crime in Tecate, Rosarito, Ensenada... and then definitely NO rise in drugwar-related stuff where Lori goes to on a regular basis. However, we have to pass thru TJ to get where we are going...

We are always going to be reporting AFTER, and it will not have too many date-based info, just to increase our security profile. Besides, you get to pray for us all the time for our safety and God's plan and Hand on our goings-and-comings...

Blessings, your bro,

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