Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bless Ejido Durango in Baja Earthquake Zone 3

<>The pastoral leaders of Ejido Durango la Vina with Jamie from the Coast Vineyard

<> Me with the la Vina friends...

SO... yes, it was a rapid 'in and out' trip for the 12 of us who went, but we were able to get a significant amount of supplies through. The Mex gov't officials helped us with official approval and we passed all the material quickly and without a problem. The 25 families of the church are all OK, and 4 families are living on the church grounds. In the entire community, there were (only) 60 injuries form the main quakes, and those people have been well-cared for by the Red Cross... so no real 'injured' needing our care. We did pray and pray and pray with our friends, all of whom are now faced with the serious 'what next?' problem. THE problem is that most buildings are destroyed and NOT safe to live in... but the option of re-building may not BE an option with the significant shift in the water table, and the mixing with the soil layer causing a 'shifting sand' phenomenon...

Yes, the ground is still shaking... we had a good 4.0-ish while we were there, and a couple of 3.5-ish swayings...

PRAY for our brothers and sisters in the Ejido Durango, only a 4-mile bit from THE epicenter and on the still-moving fault-line


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