Thursday, April 8, 2010

Divide and Bless:San Vicente + Earthquake epicenter

8 Apr Chris in Chula Vista

OK, friends, we'll need prayer covering for this...
Lori is pre-trip for a 10 day bit in San Vicente, to do a week of sewing classes and work with the teenage girls...
I (Chris) am heading with a small team into the epicenter region of the recent 7.2 earthquake in central Baja. Our friends at the la Vina Ejido Durango church are right there, were hit very hard, and they need our help... so, working with the Mexicali la Vina, we're taking supplies as requested, going prepared to minister to injuries, pray for the people and also assess what's the situation to help for the future.

We'll just call this the 'Divide and Bless' week...

Pray, pray, pray

your brother, Chris

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