Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Aug sewing week in San Vicente

It's been a long week of twice a day sewing classes. Seventeen different students participated including 8 teenagers and 5 beginners. With the new school year quickly approaching backpacks and book totes were the focused projects. School uniforms were also tackled by the three ladies that are working their small businesses. What a challenge!!! Every school in Mexico creates a unique designed outfit to distinguish their students from other schools. It proved to be a big job to adjust and redesign pattern pieces to find "just the right" look. Albina pictured above tackled the sweat pants and sweat shirts. The 5 day class week was extended to 6 to continue to work with Albina so that she would not only have uniforms for her 4 children, but would also be prepared to sew uniforms that she could offer for sale.

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