Friday, August 27, 2010

The set-up 27 Aug

Hey, everyone! Chris in Chula Vista
OK, Lori wrapped her 'half a summer in San Vicente', and is back in Chula Vista setting up her Fall ministry times in San Vicente.
I (Chris) am frantically preparing a 2-week course for Urban Health Care Workers I will be teaching at YWAM San Francisco at the end of September. My gig is to familiarize these workers with the common health-illness issues of adults and children they will be regularly seeing in urban health ministry.

This is THE SET-UP. This is a huge part of mission work and ministry. It's NOT glamourous... matter of fact, it's hard work with little fun. Try as we might, few people are willing to help in this bit... go on outreach, sure! Help with set-up... ummm...

Pray for us as we work hard in the ministry set-up.

your bro, Chris

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