Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hard Row to hoe... 14 Sept

14 Sept 2010 Chris in Monroe, MI...
Hey, friends!
Fourth day of a (short) visit to Monroe, where there are still many, many friends and lot's of family... it's been great connecting with everybody... and hard at the same time...
The 'mission life' led us to 9.5 yrs of life in Mexico, then 11 yrs as San Diego being our 'jump point' while running all over the place, back-and-forth in Baja Mex and a dozen other places...
which meant leaving family (most in Michigan) and life-long friends (mostly in midwest as well) and live a life of constant movement, which has made relationship-building a bit hard for us in S Cal (and S Cal people are intrinsically relationship-phobes)... so, I'm reminded today about what a Hard Roe it is to hoe in missions, leaving family and friends to live out of a suitcase or in distant places.
(insert sad face here)
your bro, Chris

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