Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teaching at the Urban Healthcare School SF... Day 4

23 Sept Chris here in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, CA...
Well, had to work my way thru the long line of over 100 elderly Chinese waiting for the YWAM base food distribution to start... and dodge the street people who were saying negative things to those in line... seems like there is a great deal of 'ethnic animosity' here...
SO, Day 4 of teaching in the YWAM School of Disaster Mgmnt and Urban Health Care. We're doing the Urban Health portion... when I say 'we, I mean both Lori and I. She taught on health educational methods and activities yesterday, and the students are currently making posters and activities for a public health fair here in the Tenderloin (one of the 'toughest' parts of SF) on Saturday. Time-consuming but valuable lessons in the process of doing urban healthcare education.
We've also started looking at the 'common health conditions' associated with urban healthcare ministries, both 'domestically' and 'internationally'... all focused on the situation of the poor, marginalized and those outside the reach of health-care delivery.
The trippy part of being here are the 100 'people who live in the street' (the new PC term for 'homeless')... the 100 who basically live in front of the SF YWAM base. Most of them with significant substance-abuse issues and mental health disorders, they are a constant presence and reminder of Jesus' heart for 'the least of these'.
SOOOO... will try to get some pics up soon... will be teaching all next week as well... will Blog more on the students next time
THANKS to all our praying peeps for the covering these two weeks.
Gotta go... can't think with the blasting boom-boxes and screeching police sirens as they bust a drug dealer...

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