Friday, November 25, 2011

Day of Giving Thanks (without Black Friday) in Mexico

25 Nov
We celebrated a Day of Giving Thanks with the Naz church here on Wed nite... 3 1/2 hour service of families getting up and expressing gratitude to GOD for all HE has done in the last year. Then we all shared a turkey and dressing feast.

Yes, I miss the 'usual' Thanksgiving traditions in the US... cornocopea and images of pilgrims and East-coast indians sharing food...
BUT I will say celebrating a 'Day of Giving Thanks' without a million blaring 'Black Friday' ads trying to appeal to my base nature (buy, buy, buy, have, have, have, get, get, get...)...
NOT having any of that here in Mexico is WAY past refreshing!!

I'm glad to trade the Black Friday mud for muddy cow-paths to walk in... besides, scraping shoes has never been so fun!!

AND hearing the 'glory stories' from these grateful people is nothing less than inspiring.

Oh... in case you are wondering, the STUFFING the women of the church came up with may have been one of the top stuffings I have ever had... Lori agreed...

your bro, Chris

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