Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, to be living in Mexico again... 9Nov

Hey Y'all, Chris in the Village
Not much time, banging out a quick blog outside the Pastor's house after a stellar time of worship and adoration of our KING here at the Nazarene church. (Don't tell, but this Nazarene church makes most Vineyard churches look like they are asleep...)
We arrived at our new/rented place last night and settled in... YEAH! We're living in MEXICO again!!! My prayer time this morning was off the charts with JOY....

For the last few years, we've done alot of going back-and-forth, staying with alot of very kind people... but now we have a place of our own, and this is going to be a long-term are of relationships and ministry.


Pictures soon
your bro, CHRIS

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