Wednesday, December 7, 2011

San Vicente Sunsets

7 Dec, Chris here.
We're in the US, getting ready for the next trip to San Vicente. We've had to delay a couple days because we both came back extremely sick the last trip, requiring antibios and more 'throat coat' tea than I could ever dream of.
We're finally mended enough to go back.
I found this sunset pic from the last set of pics shot on the last trip. The San Vicente sunsets can be pretty breath-taking!
We are in the throws of a very, VERY cold winter in this region. Record lows being set in San Diego AND Baja. We hope to get some hats out to needy kids in the next few weeks.

We sure hope our 'readers' are praying for us... protection from another respiratory infection, protection during our travels, ministry opportunities and 'God-moments'...

ready for the next bit, your bro, Chris

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