Monday, May 19, 2014

Mothers' Day in Mexico 2014

Mothers' Day, always May 10th in Mexico, has a different flavor. First one can expect to be awaken in the wee hours of the am by a serenade outside of the home. It's a wonderful blessing to have the young people of the church come by to pay me a tribute as "Mother" although at bit startling to be jolted from a sound sleep at 2:30 am. They traveled to about 30 homes during more than three hours of visiting, where they would sing two or three songs before moving on to the next Mom.
The church in San Vicente distinguishes the Mom with a handmade corsage and many of the moms enjoy a lunch at a local restaurant. Because of tight finances, it usually is only the moms and it is a special gift from their families. Being most guys avoid the kitchen as much as possible it would be very unusual to have dad make a special meal at home for mom. In fact, I heard many of the women state that they needed to prepare a meal for the rest of the family before going out. Does that count as a real day off?

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