Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Praying for the Ebola Crisis

What can we do about the Ebola crisis..PRAY
By Lori Bajkiewicz

We pray for the most affected nations, Sierra Leon, Liberia, and Guinea.
We pray for provision of resources to fight Ebola.
We pray for leaders to have wisdom on how to administer the resources that are available.
We pray for the churches to be a light during this time of such darkness. Give them ideas how to minister and the capacity to console many.
We pray for the missionaries that are serving. Guard their health and give them many opportunities to share the Gospel.
We pray for the Christians to be vehicles of Your grace and ready to share Your love and Your salvation.
We pray for the health workers. Give the doctors and nurses supernatural energy and protect their health against Ebola.
We pray for the children who have been left orphans because of Ebola.
We pray for peace in place of fear and hope in place of discouragement.
We pray for those who are searching for new treatments for Ebola.
We pray for a reduction in the transmission of Ebola.
We pray for the scientists to discover new ways to fight Ebola.
We pray for the volunteers who are serving during this crisis.

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