Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pray For The Mexico Ministry Daily (because we don't...)

Sept 9, 2015

Hello, Partners and Friends!

We regularly are asked, "why don't you email or Facebook when you are going to be in Mexico... so we can pray for you"???

Answer: we will not 'put on-line' our travel plans, mainly for our security and safety. Please just pray for the Mexico ministry daily.

Question: How dangerous is Baja Mexico, where the ministry projects are?

Answer: Well, it's complicated... if you read the US State Dept website, it would make you want to never go TO Baja Mexico (ie, scary!)
^ However, we [] have multiple nationals who serve as our 'trusted safety advisors' : they keep us up-to-date on security and safety issues  [] we keep our eyes and ears on Mexican news media sources, both official and un-official, [] we do a regional safety assessment QUARTERLY and re-assessment with any major/significant event or occurance (such as the recent farm-worker uprisings), [] we are THERE alot, and keep our eyes and ears open, AND [] yes, we always have 'plan B' in place.
 ^ More than anything, we TRUST our great and powerful GOD to guide and protect us, no matter what happens!

SO... Ministry Partners and Friends... pray daily for us and the ministry GOD is bringing forth!

you brother,

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