Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Unintended Blessing by Lori

It's wonderful when God uses us to bless others! Last  month, after a church service in San Vicente, Alejandra approached me to express "Thank you so much for teaching me sew."I was a little confused as she hasn't attended the classes in several years because she has been studying at a Bible School 4 hours away. She was excited to tell me that her sister, Citlalic, and herself had secured summer jobs at the local sewing factory because they ALREADY knew how to sew. Both girls were regulars at the week long community-wide sewing classes that have been held for over 8 years in their community. The focus is on "learning the basics" while sewing items for one's self and home. It was never purposed to be a way to get a factory job. However, the Lord has used the sewing classes as a way to provide for these two lovely young ladies to attend college. Alejandra is in her last year of Ministerial studies and is praying about where the Lord will use her after graduation. Citlalic is in her first year of college studying to be a teacher. Both are growing Christians and have hearts to serve people. Please join us in praying for Lord's direction and provision for these two.

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