Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Giving Tuesday... finally, a selfless idea to get excited about!

Giving Tuesday is a new global day for giving back. Let's kick off the season!!!

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Giving Tuesday... I don't know who launched it, but when I meet them, I WILL give them a chocolate bar! Finally, a SELF-LESS idea in the annual 'holiday' season of that seems to grows more SELF-FOCUSED every year. 

Forget 'Black Friday' (yuck!) and 'Cyber Monday' (ewww!) and GIVE on Giving Tuesday!

Brothers and sisters, how do we move all this gimme-gimme holiday nonsense and RE-FOCUS into Christ-mass...?? We give!! Just like the Father... "God so loved... that He gave..."

What is God's answer for seasonal depression, feeling down-cast and 'the blues'? Two moves: look to Him and reach out to others!

Our 24 1/2 yrs of mission work with the poor has been all about becoming 'a channel' to GIVE in ways that make for a long-term good...
Join up with us and help some women to move their families from poverty to self-sustaining wellness... it's only a couple of Latte's worth of $$ from you that could make a LIFETIME of difference for a family!!!

Arise! It's Giving Tuesday!!

your bro, Chris

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