Friday, December 18, 2015

Hats pouring in and out

Burrrrrrr..... It has turn cold in San Vicente! Dipping down into the low 30's this past week. So, it's time to get those hats out that have been a steady stream of boxes arriving for the past month. Armed with a cart overflowing with hats of all colors, we meandered down the rocky paths of the newest section of San Vicente. Most of the homes are in the process of being constructed. Some from upcycled wooden garage doors others from cement block. Holes cut out are covered by sheets or blankets waiting for enough funds for windows and doors. The priority is to get walls up and a roof on. Those with financial resources progress more quickly on their houses. You can image it gets pretty brisk even inside when night falls and there's a breeze. Oh, by the way, there isn't any electricity yet.
Over 100 hats were gifted as we walked from home to home into the dark of the night lighting the way with flashlights. All were excited to receive their hand-made hat. Only one family declined. And that was because when they stepped out of their house, all heads were covered by hats that we had given out a few days earlier at one of the churches in town. It was sweet to see them all bundled up and so grateful for their hats. They just keep saying, "Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.
Besides, distributing all the hats, we invited receivers to the upcoming Christmas service where they will have the opportunity to hear of our Savior coming to earth. Jesus, He's the real GIFT.

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