Friday, December 2, 2016

Camelia's journey

Four years ago Camelia joined the "Star Seamstresses" making these zippered bags her first "for sale" item. Her participation in the micro-enterprise group has made a huge difference in the family economics. The financial goals she made at the beginning of her business journey included helping with the children's school expenses, making payments on property, and building a home. During the last four years not only did she use her profits for the above, but also to avert financial disaster when her husband was hospitalized for a whole month and then unable to work for three months because of his illness and surgery. Camelia's resilience proved strong as she went around the community selling her sewn aprons and bags in order to buy food and medicine during the crisis. Camelia continues to be a dedicated worker even though balancing her sewing time with the needs of her husband and five children can be challenging.

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