Thursday, March 30, 2017

Adore The Lord Blog... It's Alive!!

Adore The Lord Blog... It's Alive!!

(yes, you can find it AT   !!!)

Chris here. For me, the launch of the blog ADORE THE LORD is a dream come true.
Back in 2014, I heard the Lord speak as Lori and I were taking a dawn-patrol flight across the country. Everyone was sleeping on the plane except me. Lori was trying to grab a nap.
The Lord said to get paper and write down all the areas regarding Worship that had been percolating in my thoughts of late.
I had just spent the last few years training worship leaders in Mexico, worked with some major ‘worship-leader’ people on some projects (recordings, gatherings, plans), was playing in occasional bands and events, and had been majorly rooting around the Scriptures asking the question, “what is worship, REALLY?”
Between many of us involved in ‘modern worship’, there’s now an intense conversation about the “what’s next?” Please (say we), not just some cool new tune.
There’s some real apprehension among us worship-types: surely, something way different is coming… right?
The flight was bumpy, and I didn’t want to disturb my sleeping neighbors, so I looked in my backpack at my feet… ahhh! Didn’t pack any notebook on this trip. Wait! Here’s a few scraps of paper with some space…
By the time we landed, an entire entity had been born, scribbled around the edges and spaces, filling up every scrap. What is it? The spine of a book? A course curriculum? A devotional? Art project? Topic guide for a school of worship? A website?
I asked the Lord what to do with this ragamuffin parchment of ideas and incendiary thoughts…? He said organize, study, expand, pray, wait, angst, read broadly, study church history, pray, study root words, wait on Him, scour the Scriptures, refine… with all the fruits of the Spirit, Grace and Mercy.
Oh, yeah. I was to gouge out everything I thought I knew about worship and press into Him deep, then deeper, and then some.. new wine for old wine-skins!
Since 2014, this content has grown large.
Finally, Adore The Lord is a blog-web site, free of charge. Yep, we’re giving it away… on our dime. All you have to do is visit, read away, comment and generate thoughtful discussion!
This Blog will wrestle with questions... What is worship and adoration of God? What do the Scriptures teach us, through teaching and example, about worship and adoration? What does that means individually and corporately?
Oh, yes... and the 'What’s Next?' questions, and about getting from 'where we are now' to the What's Next..
I suspect that What’s Next is going to be… well, ‘from Glory to Glory’… Glorious... radically different... 

Come join the conversation. Comment. Disagree. Agree. Discourse. Let’s sort all this together!

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