Thursday, March 30, 2017

Looking Out Thru Metal Bars…

In 26 years of Mexico ministry, we have been majorly robbed 10 times. That does not count the small stuff disappearing, that means 10 times where we’ve been cleaned out. If you want to live or work in Mexico, be prepared to be robbed. You CAN spend the money and turn your buildings into lock-boxes and make it HARDER to break in… not impossible, but decreased break-ins. Clean-up of a break-in takes a long time, and the loss of things you need to live day-to-day can be difficult (as we can tell you…).
After two major 2016 San Vicente break-ins, we opted to have our local metal-working friend Julio build and install metal window-bars and security doors in our rented Ministry Center. Installation involved drilling into the concrete walls and lot’s of welding, which took days to clean up. However, we now have a ‘increased security’ building, which also increases the safety factor for long-term stays. Besides, looking out a window thru metal bars can help one identify with the Apostle Paul, a ‘prisoner of Christ’…!
We’re grateful to our American friends the Neely’s and their Eastlake Church home-group for pulling together a ‘robbery recovery’ care package, replacing so many day-to-day items… ¡Gracias!

Our friends tell us that if we’ve been regularly robbed, “well, that REALLY makes you a Mexican!”… the cost of cultural initiation is high…


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