Friday, August 31, 2018

BajMission Calling, Areas of Service [2]

Aug 2018


We've been recently asked to articulate our CALLING as missionaries.
Here's what we came up with (thru alot of prayer and discourse)

Bajmission: Our calling is:
-to work alongside the Father in the Holy Spirit as faithful witnesses and disciple-makers of the Master Jesus among the peoples of Latin America and those in the ends of the world.
-to know God deeply, and make Him known among the peoples of the world, especially the poor, disenfranchised, and under-served in Latin America.
-to see the Kingdom of God realized in families and churches throughout Mexico, particularly Baja California.  

Our AREAS OF SERVICE were something that the Lord had us prayerfully craft way back in 1993-94, as we were sensing His call into life-long Mission service. We had encountered a great deal of teaching about Jesus and His 'areas of service' in His 'mission' as the Saviour, which resulted in a pretty effective outcome (the redemption of all mankind).

Our ‘Areas of Service’, guide what we do... and don’t do, unless directly led by the Holy Spirit. These best describe the outcomes that we look for while ministering.

<1> Ministering to hurting people while working alongside of national churches, sharing the “Good News” and making faithful disciples of Jesus in order to restore the spiritual health of individuals, families and their communities.
<2>Teaching new skills through DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS that focus on building confidence and restoring emotional health while encouraging friendship evangelism.
<3>Coaching those who start MICRO-ENTERPRISES by expanding and advancing their knowledge in order to assist in restoring financial health to their families.
<4> Focusing on impoverished families and children in underserved areas through COMMUNITY HEALTH AND EDUCATION, restoring health to body, soul and spirit.
<5> Instructing nationals, healthcare workers and field missionaries serving throughout the world with TRAINING AND PREPARATION, equipping God’s people for works of service that extend “His” Kingdom.
<6> Assisting mercy/healthcare organizations working in the ‘Emerging world’ through SUPPORTIVE ROLES of their ministries, outreaches, and training programs.
<7> Restoring hope within overlooked children and youth through CREATIVE ARTS EVANGELISM AND WORSHIP, shining “Light” into their darkness with the Presence of Jesus.

Thanks for listening!
Brother Chris



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