Friday, August 31, 2018

Just So You Know... BajMission Goals, Objectives, Desired Outcomes, VIsion 2018 [intro]

August 2018


It's been a hot, sweaty summer all around North America, and SoCal/Baja Mexico hasn't been any different in 2018.

One thing Lori and I have been 'sweating over' and made busy with these past months have been writing formal applications and answering formal questions from some churches who have supported us financially. We welcome these opportunities to be accountable and transparent in our mission work. Many of these 'fill-out questionnaires' were extremely lengthy and detailed...

... so, as we were praying about the BajMission Blog, it occured to us that ya'll might actually like to see that we are a formative Mission with Goals, Objectives, Desired Outcomes, Vision Statements and Areas of Service. We have always stepped out in Missions with clarity that the Lord is calling us to something specific, something distinct in His service.

The up-coming Blogs will share some of those formative BajMission statements.

We hope this will answer questions you may have, or spark vision towards the areas of Kingdom service the Lord is calling YOU towards!

to know Him and make Him known,
Brother Chris

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