Thursday, April 4, 2019

Community Development and... Cone Thread Holders?

Community Development and... Cone Thread Holders?
Hello, friends! 

So, Lori and I spent an afternoon doing a home-made project for the up-coming Sewing Class/Outreach. We made 10 ‘cone-thread holders’. These are a sewing accessory to help feed thread to the machine from the large thread spools (yeah, I had to learn what that all meant)... the high-volume sower uses large-spool thread (fraction of the cost of small spools).
We used scrap pine board, dowels, dis-garded thick-gauge wire and a lot of elbow grease with simple tools.
We COULD have just bought the needed ‘cone-thread holders’, at about $12 each... (well, 10 x $12 is a bit...)
But that is NOT what Community Development missions does. 

The main objective of Community Development is to demonstrate how to make needed accessories and processes using locally-available material. We needed to model how to make a home-made version for students to see, and... well, replicate.
Community Development missionaries are always a bit obsessive about these type of things.
‘Give someone a fish, you fed them today. Teach them to fish, you fed them for many, many days” is the Community Development axiom.
Fish and fishing, or... sewing and product development and how to make cone-thread holders.

Stay tuned, the next step is probably to hold a ‘how-to’ workshop and have students make their own cone-thread holders.
That’s what Community Development missions do. 

Your bro, Crisbaj

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