Sunday, March 24, 2019

Bajmission Newsletter March 2019 OUT NOW

Hello, Blog-post readers!

Our Bajmission Newsletter March 2019 is out NOW, and being sent to the 'email posse' we have the Bajmission ministry.

THREE important things:

<>If you are on our 'email posse', and receive your digital copy... rejoice! "Ain't God good??", as an old church friend used to ask every Sunday!

Feel free to print off copies for your friends, pastors, home groups... for sure, we can always use the prayers!

<>If you are a regular Blog-reader, you'll notice that we are basically referring newsletter readers who want to read the 'whole story' back TO the Blog... SO, as a regular Blog reader, you're already 'in the know'.

<>IF, for some reason, you are NOT on our 'email posse', send me an email TO
... and we'll get you hooked up

Thanks for being a Partner in reading, praying an giving to this ministry with the Mexican peoples.

Chris and Lori

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