Monday, July 20, 2009

20 July Chula Vista ZAMBIAN FACTS


<> Zambia has a population around 12 million (2008) and has been a peaceful country since it's independence was given from Britian in 1964.

<> Mining and export of copper is the leading industry in Zambia.

<> Zambians have a life expectancy of 41.2 years (compared to United States at 78 years).

<> Only 58% of Zambians have access to safe drinking water.

<> Malnutrition is wide-spread, with 20% of children significantly under-weight for age.

<> Malaria is the largest reason for death amongt children in Zambia.

<> The percentage of Zambians infected with HIV is overall 16%.

(Sources: United Naitons Human Development Report, 2008. World Health Organization)

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  1. Hey, Chris and Lori! Just read today about your next couple of months! Sounds like interesting times for you both. You're in our prayers! Chris, take lots of pictures!